Meet Alison Lumbatis, Creator of Stylegistix

Meet Alison Lumbatis, founder and CEO of Stylegistix and leader of the team of creative and technical professionals who bring her vision for a turnkey online style program and platform to life.

Alison is owner/author of the popular style website Get Your Pretty On, which reaches half a million visitors annually in 200 countries worldwide, inspiring a global community of women to rediscover themselves and embrace what makes them feel pretty, happy and confident.

She is also the creator of the first-of-its-kind online capsule wardrobe membership program, The GYPO Style Challenge, the first of many challenges offered at Since its start in 2014, The GYPO Style Challenge  has generated over half a million dollars in revenue by helping over 10,000 women in 20 countries look and feel great about what they wear each day.

Stylegistix is her latest venture– a turnkey fashion tech platform that allows personal stylists, fashion bloggers and online fashion retailers to easily create and sell their own online style programs.

Alison’s background is a unique combination of style, tech and creativity– a former actress and print model, she was a network engineer for several years before leaving corporate America to pursue creative endeavors including writing, which ultimately led to her becoming a successful entrepreneur.

As a writer, she is a Redbook Magazine contributor and her blog was named one of the Top 25 Best Fashion and Beauty Blogs (POPSUGAR), an Editor’s Favorite (Lucky Magazine) and a Top Up and Coming Blog (Bloglovin’). She is also the Amazon best-selling author of Get Pretty, Kick Butt! The Moms’ Guide to Looking Your Best and Getting More Done.

Redbook Team Red Contributor
POPSUGAR Top 25 Fashion and Beauty Moms
POPSUGAR Select Fashion Blogger
Lucky Magazine Contributor
Lucky Magazine Editor's Favorite

Stylegistix is a Custom Solution Designed to Deliver Style Advice

… because sometimes the only way to get what you need is to build it yourself.

In the beginning, nobody had even thought of offering an online style program, much less how to deliver it. There were no guidelines on how the program should be structured or what it should include, never mind how to promote it. And there was no one who could say whether it would sell even if everything else could be worked out.

Now we know, because we did the work.

The success of the style program concept didn’t happen overnight– it’s the product of years of hard work, trial and error and feedback from thousands of clients.

The platform to deliver the program was just as challenging to create because of the complexity of what was needed:

  • A community platform

    that would be easy to manage and user-friendly for clients

  • Members-Only Access

    for multiple users with separate, multiple subscriptions per user

  • eCommerce Integration

    with automated user account creation and instant access after signup

  • Automated Publishing

    so an entire program could be loaded in advance and shared on a schedule

  • Program Listing

    so clients can view available programs they haven’t yet taken

  • Community Recognition

    for loyal repeat clients, to encourage users to sign up for other offerings

After trying a number of different options and finding none of them fit the bill, the Stylegistix platform was custom-built from the ground up, integrating best-in-class eCommerce and CRM software that is scalable and easy for buyers to use with robust membership software.

Now This Time-Tested, Results-Proven Setup & Tools Can Be Yours

An online style program and platform that’s simple and sells is here.

We spent countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars building it all. Now it’s yours for the asking.

With Stylegistix, you get the benefit of Alison’s years of experience running The GYPO Style Challenge  and the technical resources that make it succeed without having to waste a lot of time in the learning curve or reinventing the wheel–
PLUS your program will be promoted to a large audience that loves style advice.

The hard parts have all been done for you– all you have to do is sign up.

A Note From Alison

When I first started my blog Get Your Pretty On,  my goal was to share tips and advice that would help make style accessible to other women stuck in a “yoga pants rut” like me.

As my audience grew, people kept asking for a more organized program that would help them update their look and their wardrobe in a more systematic way– something more structured than just blog posts. So the idea for The GYPO Style Challenge  was born.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to set up everything I needed to have the program run the way I envisioned it. I had a long list of what I wanted, but equally important was what I didn’t  want, which was to spend a lot of time duplicating efforts or manually handling tasks that could be automated. I wanted to be able to grow the business and still have time for life and family.

Most of all, I didn’t want to spend all of my time updating and managing the platform– I wanted to stay focused on fashion, style and helping women feel more confident.

After spending years refining my online style program and platform, I have finally achieved everything I wanted: happy clients who feel good about themselves and their style, and a happy family, because I have time to spend with them even as my business continues to grow beyond my expectations.

It feels great to finally have achieved this goal, but my one recurring thought is, “What about all the others who are struggling with the same obstacles I did?” I remember how much I wished someone had already created and made simple what I needed, when I was working so hard to have it built.

Now I am the one who has the solution. And sharing it with others is my new goal.

If you are looking for a way to generate more income selling your style advice without having to spend years doing what I did, and if your business is a good fit for this new program, I would love to partner with you to help us both achieve our goals.

If you think offering an online style program would help you get to where you want to go, I hope you will apply for Stylegistix.

I look forward to learning about and possibly partnering with you!

To Your Online Style Business Success–

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