Getting Started With Stylegistix

How can I make sure I always receive your emails?

The best way to ensure you receive our emails is to whitelist our email address,, in your email client. Here are step-by-step instructions for the most common email clients:

Apple iPhone / iPad
Open the email.
Tap the sender’s name in the From line.
On the next screen, tap Create New Contact.
Tap Done.

Microsoft Outlook 2013
Right-click on the email that you would like to add to your safe sender list
Hover over Junk and then click the option Never Block Sender.

Tap to open the email.
Tap the icon next to the email address.
Tap OK.

Apple Mail
Right-click on the sender’s email address.
Select Add to Contacts or Add to VIPs.

Click and drag the email into the Primary tab.
Click Yes to confirm (formerly Hotmail)
Open the email.
Click the Add to contacts link

Yahoo! Mail
Right-click the email.
Select Add Sender to Contacts.
Click Save.

What are the criteria for acceptance into Stylegistix?

Stylegistix is not a good fit for everyone. We want to be your partner in success, so part of our application review process is considering whether Stylegistix is right for you and you will do well!

We invest a great deal of time and resources in the initial setup for new Stylegistix partners, so we want to make sure you will generate enough revenue to stay with us for the long term.

Here are some of the things we’re looking for– these are not hard-and-fast requirements because we understand every style business is unique and there may be other indicators of success potential besides these, but they are a good general guideline on where your business should already be to be able to drive enough sales to make Stylegistix a worthwhile investment for you:

  • You should have an email list with at least 5,000 subscribers. Our experience has been that the size of your mailing list is directly related to the number of signups you will get (you can expect to convert around 1% of your list), so the size of your list factors heavily into our application approval decision. We prefer clients with at least 5,000 subscribers.
  • Our most successful partners have been in business for at least two years and have a minimum of 50,000 website page views per month when they launch their style program
  • You should be prepared to actively market and promote your program. We will share info on your program with our audience, but the responsibility for marketing your program and its ultimate success is on you.
  • To successfully promote your program, you need a large enough audience of engaged fans and followers who seek you out and want to hear what you have to say when it comes to style. We are looking for evidence you have already started building your tribe and it is growing– things like social media followers/engagement, the size of your mailing list and whether they are trending upward and at what rate are examples of what we’re looking for.
  • You should have your own unique style point-of-view, to differentiate you from everyone else. Just as buyers like fashion designers with a unique, signature perspective, they want the same in a style program. Your program should reflect your personal take on the trends of the day and clearly set you apart from others.

There are other factors we consider, but those are the basics.

If you are interested in Stylegistix but don’t meet these metrics, you might still be a good candidate– please contact us and tell us more about your business. We will let you know whether we think the program will work well for you.

Note: All application approval decisions are made at the sole discretion of Stylegistix, and the reasons for our decision are not usually specified in our notification to you. In rare cases, we may offer suggestions or feedback on what might make a difference should you re-apply in the future.

How will I be able to sell my style program when you have others doing the same thing?

Just as every fashion designer brings their own unique style perspective to their work, each style program offers a style point of view unique to the blogger or stylist who created it. Your program should be a reflection of your individual signature style and creativity, so your program will naturally be different from everyone else’s– there’s only one you!

Part of our application screening process before accepting you into Stylegistix (and in helping you develop your program) includes making sure that each program is different from all the others– in the styling, the focus and the audience it serves– so that each offering adds something unique and special to the options available.

Your success is our success, so we make sure the programs we offer are varied, fresh and interesting!

How long will it take for my application to be approved?

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a brief phone consultation to learn more about your business and how Stylegistix fits into your plans.

After we speak with you and have completed our review of your application, you will receive an email notification of our decision.

We typically review and make a decision on all applications within 3-5 business days.

Do I need to pay an Application Fee?

Yes, a refundable Application Fee of $100 is required with each application. If your application is not approved, your application fee will be refunded; otherwise, it will be applied toward your Setup Fee. Application Fees are not refunded for any other reason.

Is the Application Fee refundable?

Yes, the Application Fee is refundable if your application is not approved; otherwise, it will be applied toward your Setup Fees. Application Fees are not refunded for any other reason.

If your application is not approved, your Application Fee will be refunded in full when we notify you of our decision. Please allow 5-7 business days bank processing time for returned Application Fee funds to land back in your account.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, when your application is approved, we will send you our Partner Agreement to sign.

What information do you need to set me up in Stylegistix?

We will need all the details of your program, plus your sales page customizations and your images to set everything up.

It’s a lot of information, but we have set up some resources to help you pull it all together:

  • Our onboarding manual gives you the keys to planning and running a successful online style program, including insider tips and tricks that will help you maximize your profits and avoid common problems, plus specific guidance on how to choose and create your program content
  • Our sales page template gives you the specifications for your sales page images/elements and shows you where the information will go on your page
  • Our online form requests the information we need to create your sales page
  • Our custom templates help you create all of your program content and your calendar

What is the Stylegistix onboarding manual, and when do I get it?

The Stylegistix onboarding manual is a comprehensive resource that gives you all the information you need to create a successful online style program with Stylegistix. You will receive it after you return your signed Partner Agreement and pay your Setup Fee.

Stylegistix onboarding manual

Table of Contents

  • Creating Your Capsule
    • The Pieces
    • The Outfits
    • Outfit Calendar
    • Uploading Outfit Images
    • Uploading Recommended Items Images
    • Daily Outfit Descriptions and Style Tips
    • How to Replace Links
    • Pricing Your Capsule
    • Bonus Materials
  • Sales Page/Membership Portal Creation
  • Social Media
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Launching Your Program
  • Customer Service/Tech Support

How long will it take to get set up with Stylegistix so I can launch my program?

Client setup is handled on a first-come, first-served basis, with projects queued for production as soon as we have received the Setup Fee and program details.

Most Stylegistix partners are ready to launch within 6 weeks of receipt of their Setup Fee and program details, but time-to-launch varies depending on our workload and how quickly we receive everything we need to complete setup.

After you have reviewed and approved your completed setup and paid your Launch Fee, we will provide the earliest possible launch date for your program.

What is the Setup Fee for, and when does it have to be paid?

The Setup Fee covers the time/cost to:

  • set up the platform for your clients and your program and upload all of your program content
  • create your sales and thank-you pages
  • set up your program and customer notifications in our eCommerce software

Your Setup Fee (which includes credit for the $100 application fee) is due when you submit your signed Partner Agreement.

Work on your setup does not begin until your Setup Fee has been paid in full.

Is the Setup Fee refundable?

No, Setup Fees are not refundable.

When can I start promoting my style program?

You can start building buzz and getting the word out that your program is coming soon as soon as you have confirmed your official launch date with us.

When we receive your Launch Fee, we will provide the earliest possible launch date for your new program. Just let us know when you want to launch and then you’re ready to start promoting it!

How many sales of my program will it take to recoup my investment?

It depends on how you price your program, but in general, you can expect to cover your Stylegistix launch costs with 40-50 sales.

How many signups for my program can I expect to get?

The number of signups varies depending on many factors, including the season, the demand for a program with your chosen focus, how well you promote it, and the size and engagement of your audience and your mailing list.

For the programs offered during the Summer 2016 season, the average number of signups per program was well over 400, and that’s during a season when participation is usually lower because many participants have summer vacation plans. We are expecting to see larger numbers for programs in the fall, and the general trend is that overall participation increases as each new program is launched.

We can’t guarantee you will get the same results with your program as these, but we’re here to help you succeed– part of what you get with Stylegistix is expert advice and assistance deciding what season and focus to choose, and recommendations on how to promote it based on what has actually worked for others in the past.

About the Style Program

How does the style program work?

The program is simple:

  • You create a capsule wardrobe shopping list of your desired number of wardrobe pieces that exemplify the key style trends for your program. The list should include the design details that differentiate each piece from others that, although similar, are not on-trend– things like length/cut, fabric/texture, pattern, trim and color.
  • Then you put together your desired number of suggested combinations of the pieces on your capsule wardrobe shopping list to show your clients how to mix and match the pieces to create fashionable looks.
  • Finally, you decide on any bonuses you want to include with your program– things like videos about fit, color, style, accessories and hair/makeup; eBooks or other style guides; gift cards or discount coupons; and any other giveaways or goodies that your audience will want that might encourage them to sign up.

Your onboarding manual will include guidance on the number of pieces to include in your capsule wardrobe and how to choose them for best client experience, and the number of outfit suggestions to offer, but it’s your program, so these decisions are up to you!

Can I customize the program?

Yes, to some extent. You will decide the:

  • focus of the program
  • number of capsule wardrobe pieces to include on your shopping list, what they are and what affiliate links are used
  • number of outfit suggestions to offer
  • number and types of bonuses to include
  • pricing
  • timetable/deadlines

It’s your program, and you can work it any way you like as long as it will work with the way our platform is set up to deliver content.

Note: If your program requires time and resources beyond what is needed to set up a typical program, additional setup or monthly service fees beyond our standard pricing may apply. We’ll let you know about any additional costs when we send your Partner Agreement, after we understand what you want.

About the Sales Page, Platform & Technology

What does the platform look like and what will will my clients see when they log in?

The link to log into the members site is

When they log into the members site, clients see a welcome page with a video navigation tutorial:

Members Site welcome

The client dashboard shows all available challenges– those they have purchased are colored, and those they have not purchased are grayed out and available for purchase:

Members Site My Challenges section

After clicking one of their purchased challenges, they are taken to the main page for that challenge, where they can print their Shopping List and Daily Outfit Combination PDFs, and access their bonus materials:

Members Site challenge main screen

As each day’s outfits are released, the box for that day goes from grayed out/not clickable to white/clickable. Clients can then click it to see an image and description of that day’s outfit:

Daily Outfit Combination

They also get a daily outfit email letting them know the outfit has been released.

Recommended Items are linked using your rewardStyle or other affiliate program links:

Recommended Items

Where is the platform hosted?

The platform is located at

Is hosting and maintenance of the platform included with Stylegistix?


Can I host the platform on my site?

No, the standard platform with cross-promotional opportunities is hosted at

If you want a branded link on your site that you can share with your clients, you can create a page on your site and redirect that page to the platform URL.

We do not currently offer a separate custom-branded platform, but we may add that as an option in the future if multiple partners request it.

Can I customize the appearance of the platform?

No, the platform is not customizable. The badge (image and overlay) that all members on the platform see for your program will be branded to match your colors and styling.

What will my sales page look like?

Below are links to example sales and thank you pages created for Stylegistix clients. Some of these have add-ons not included with the standard package, but they will give you an idea of how your program and sales page can be adapted for the program you want to offer:

Note: The Stylegistix logo and the menu and footer for the Stylegistix site are not displayed on partner sales and thank you pages, and we include a button to return to your site at the bottom of your sales page.

Can I customize my sales page?

Yes and no. Your sales page content will be customized for your particular program, but full customization of all elements is not included in our standard package. We may offer full sales page customization as an upgrade in the future if multiple partners request it.

Some additional elements are available as add-ons for an additional charge– if there’s something you want that you don’t see, ask us if it’s something we can do and we will advise on any additional cost to add it for you.

For more information on the customizable page elements included with our standard package and their specifications, view our sales page template.

Can I edit my sales page myself?

No, if you need changes to your sales page, just send them to us and we will take care of them for you!

Where will my sales page be hosted?

Your sales page will be on a subpage of the Stylegistix site at Example: The Grace & Beauty Fall 2016 Workwear Challenge is at

If you want a branded link on your domain to share with your clients, you can set up a page on your site and redirect it to your page on the Stylegistix site.

Can I host my sales page on my site?

No, all sales pages we create and manage are hosted as subpages of the Stylegistix site at a URL branded for you ( Example: The Grace & Beauty Fall 2016 Workwear Challenge is at

All post-purchase thank you pages are also hosted on our site ( Example: The Grace & Beauty Fall 2016 Workwear Challenge thank you page is at

If you want a branded link on your domain to share with your clients, you can set up a page on your site and redirect it to your page on the Stylegistix site.

Is hosting and maintenance of my sales page included with Stylegistix?


Where do I submit my sales page customizations?

When you’re ready, you can submit your sales page customizations here.

Can I use my own eCommerce solution?

No, all Stylegistix partner program sales run through our best-in-class eCommerce solution because our platform is optimized to work seamlessly with it, from shopping cart to automatic account creation to new client welcome notification to activity tracking and reporting.

Up & Running With Stylegistix

What is the Monthly Accesss Fee for?

The Monthly Access Fee is charged every month your program is live and your program badge is in the main program listing on the members’ site.

The Monthly Access Fee covers:

  • Hosting and monthly maintenance of your sales page and the platform
  • Monthly access to our eCommerce software
  • Unlimited support for your clients (includes assistance with password resets, technical support and help using the site)

When is the Monthly Access Fee due?

Monthly Access Fees are due each month by the 15th of the month.

Will I have to pay transaction fees on my payouts?

No, we cover the transaction fees associated with making payouts to you via Paypal.

If your question is not addressed here, please contact us— we will be happy to answer all of your questions.