Stylegistix Pricing

Our pricing is designed to maximize your earnings while covering our costs.

Our fees cover our cost to set up your program and maintain it while it’s active, and we opted to share in your success rather than charging more up front to keep your costs low.

Depending on how you price your program, 40-50 signups covers your Stylegistix launch costs!

Cost to Launch*

(includes all pre-launch fees)


Monthly Access Fee

(while your program is live/listed)


Your Earnings from Sales

(we keep 30% commission)


Fee Details

Application Fee


  • One-time refundable fee
  • Required when application is submitted
  • Applied toward Setup Fee if application is approved
  • Refunded in full if application is not approved

Setup Fee*


  • One-time nonrefundable fee
  • Includes the application fee credit
  • Covers 50% of setup of platform, sales page and eCommerce software
  • Required when signed agreement is submitted
  • Paid before setup begins

Launch Fee


  • One-time nonrefundable fee
  • Covers the remaining 50% of setup plus final preparations for launch
  • Not due until after review/approval of setup
  • Paid prior to launch

Monthly Access Fee


  • Monthly fee due by the 15th of each month
  • Covers platform/sales page hosting and maintenance, eCommerce software and support for your clients
  • Charged every month your sales page is active and your badge is in the main program listing on the members’ site

*If program customization is requested, additional setup costs may apply. Learn more about program customization options.