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Take the Putting Me Together Spring 2017 Challenge:

Build a mix-and-match wardrobe of pieces that will make you look great every day!

The Putting Me Together Spring 2017 Challenge gives you everything you need to feel put together, gain confidence in your style, and learn to make the most of your closet:

  • Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

Putting Me Together Spring 2017 shopping list

A printable shopping list of 28 classic pieces and on-trend updates you need for a basic yet versatile casual wardrobe, with links to recommended pieces you can buy– it’s shopping made simple!

  • 33 Days of Daily Outfit Ideas


A new outfit suggestion (a unique combination of the items in your capsule wardrobe) delivered right to your email inbox every day for 33 days, so you’ll know exactly  what to wear tomorrow.

  • Facebook Group Advice & Support

Facebook Group Support

Swap tips, share ideas, make new friends and get feedback from other “style sisters” taking the challenge in our active Putting Me Together Spring 2017 Challenge Facebook group– it’s fun!

Plus 2 Special Bonuses:

15 Additional Outfit Combinations

Putting Me Together Spring 2017 bonus outfits

In addition to the 33 outfit ideas included with the challenge, you’ll receive 15 extra outfits to continue looking great once the challenge is officially over, for a total of 48 outfits!

Weekly Gift Card Giveaways

Weekly Gift Card Giveaways

Win a gift card to help you build your wardrobe! Every week for 4 weeks while the challenge is live, we will give away a gift card through the Facebook group.

The cost for the Putting Me Together Spring 2017 Challenge including the bonuses is just $39.

You will receive the Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List and the first 6 outfit suggestions immediately when you sign up.

If you try it and decide it’s not for you, you can request a full refund anytime through April 8, 2017. After April 8th, no refunds will be available.

Audrey Tom

About Audrey Tom, Creator of the Putting Me Together Style Challenge

Hi, I’m Audrey Tom, creator of Putting Me Together, a website that makes having great style easy and accessible so that every woman can look and feel her best.

I once had a closet full of clothes that left me saying, “I have nothing to wear!” It turns out that building a cohesive wardrobe was kind of difficult! From there, I began Putting Me Together as an adventure to build a mix-and-match wardrobe that made getting dressed and looking cute really easy, and to help other women do the same.

I learned that feeling put together and making the most of your wardrobe is really easy if you have the right pieces and a few go-to outfit formulas. That’s exactly what the Putting Me Together Style Challenge will help you with!

My goal is to help you feel great about yourself without you having to think or stress too much about it. If you want to have a cohesive mix-and-match wardrobe, gain confidence in what you’re wearing, and do it with an encouraging group of women who are on the same adventure, come join the fun!


What are the key dates and deadlines for the Putting Me Together Spring 2017 Challenge?

Here is the Putting Me Together Spring 2017 Challenge schedule:

3/17 – Registration begins. You will receive the capsule wardrobe shopping list and the first 6 suggested outfit combinations immediately when you sign up. That way you’ll have time to go shopping and share your finds with others in the Facebook group!
4/2 through 5/4 – Outfit idea emails sent daily at 6pm ET. Each outfit is sent the night before the outfit goes live so that you can plan ahead.
4/8 – Last day to cancel and receive a refund.
4/9 – All 48 outfits become available.
4/14 – Gift card giveaways begin.
5/5 – Gift card giveaways end.

I encourage everyone to sign up earlier rather than later so you have time to put together your challenge wardrobe. Plus, doing the challenge live with everyone is WAY more fun!

Are these all casual outfits, or can I wear them to work, too?

It will depend on your work environment. This is mostly a casual capsule wardrobe, but all looks are adjustable to fit your needs, like substituting a jersey knit dress for a more work appropriate one, a denim jacket for a navy blazer, or tan sandal wedges for brown pumps. Also, in the past, women in the Facebook group have discussed alternatives they could use for each item to make them more work appropriate.

Does the shopping list include plus size or petite size options?

Plus size options are included for all items on the shopping list. Most “regular” sized options go up to size 20 or XXL, but the designated Plus Size options go beyond size 20, sometimes up to 4X.

Petite size options are also included for most items, and some of the “regular” sized options may also work for petites.

If I try it and it’s not for me, can I get a refund?

Absolutely! You can request a full refund anytime through April 8th, no questions asked.

I didn’t find out about the Putting Me Together Spring Style Challenge until after it launched. Can I still get the bonuses and gift card giveaways if I sign up now?

Yes! You will be eligible for the 15 Additional Outfits Bonus and all of the gift card giveaways as long as you sign up by April 14th.

How do I enter the giveaways?

You will automatically be entered when you sign up for the challenge, so no need to do anything else!

How flexible is the challenge as far as style, specific clothing items, duration, number of clothing items, etc.?

As flexible as you want it to be!

STYLE – You can choose items that fit the description and suit your personal style or lifestyle. For example, if I show a denim jacket and you need more work outfits, choose a navy blazer instead. I also provide substitution ideas so that you don’t have to use items that look exactly like the ones featured.

DURATION – If you can’t do the challenge some days, that’s fine! No one’s keeping score. It’s meant to be fun!

NUMBER OF CLOTHING ITEMS – If you’re worried you’ll get tired of some of your pieces over 48 days, you have complete freedom to add items to your capsule. If it says “Neutral Based Button Up,” include 2 instead of 1 for more variety. Anytime an outfit uses the Neutral Based Button Up, chose either of your 2 tops! You can even pull in a random, non-capsule item from your closet for one outfit. Why not?

Do I have to buy all new items?

I hope not, but you can if you want to! You can shop your closet first to see what you already have that’s similar to items on the shopping the list, then buy (or borrow from friends) to fill in any gaps. If you want or need to shop, every item on the list will have a handful of shopping options.

If I purchase the challenge at a discounted rate once it’s over, will I still get access to the Facebook group?

New members are only added to the Facebook group while the challenge is live, so everyone can spend the month bonding and building friendships through the shared experience.

Once you’ve gone through one live challenge with others, you will always be a member of the Facebook group–kind of like a sorority!

Where can I learn more about Audrey Tom and Putting Me Together?

To lean more about Audrey and find more style inspiration, visit the Putting Me Together website, www.puttingmetogether.com.

How can I make sure I always receive your emails?

The best way to ensure you receive our emails is to whitelist our email address, support@stylechallenges.com, in your email client. Here are step-by-step instructions for the most common email clients:

Apple iPhone / iPad
Open the email.
Tap the sender’s name in the From line.
On the next screen, tap Create New Contact.
Tap Done.

Microsoft Outlook 2013
Right-click on the email that you would like to add to your safe sender list
Hover over Junk and then click the option Never Block Sender.

Tap to open the email.
Tap the icon next to the email address.
Tap OK.

Apple Mail
Right-click on the sender’s email address.
Select Add to Contacts or Add to VIPs.

Click and drag the email into the Primary tab.
Click Yes to confirm

Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail)
Open the email.
Click the Add to contacts link

Yahoo! Mail
Right-click the email.
Select Add Sender to Contacts.
Click Save.

I still have questions. What should I do?

Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

You Really Can Look and Feel Great In What You Wear Each Day.

Building a mix-and-match wardrobe of pieces that work well together is a breeze with the Putting Me Together Spring 2017 Challenge.

Try it and see how easy it can be to dress with confidence and show off your style!

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