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Build a wardrobe that expresses your personal style and a life that expresses your true spirit!

Meet Kathleen Watson, Creator of the DIY Closet Course and Owner of Style School KC:

What Is The Style School DIY Closet Course?

The DIY Closet Course is an online course that gives you the tools you need to make getting ready stress-free and fun again!

With the DIY Closet Course, you can expect:

  • Time Savings

    The curated 90-day seasonless shopping list means you can spend less time searching for the right pieces to create a stylish look.

  • Money Savings

    The course teaches you how to buy fewer pieces that coordinate together for instant outfits for every season and occasion.

  • Find Balance

    By changing your approach to getting dressed, the course helps you achieve peace of mind through practical, sustainable advice.

The biggest benefit the DIY Closet Course achieves is the boost to your confidence and self-esteem. While learning how to build outfits on-the-fly that make you feel great, you will also:

  • Celebrate Your Mind+Body+Skin & Style

    Through the course you’re empowered to experiment and try new things to discover your personal style.

  • Build a Seasonless Capsule Wardrobe

    By filling your closet with pieces you can combine, you’ll have a wardrobe arsenal with outfits fit for every season and every occasion.

  • Shop Smarter, Not Harder, for Things You Love

    You’ll have the ability to shop your own closet first, then buy only the things you still need from the shopping list.

The DIY Closet Course teaches you to shop with a plan so you have the mix-and-match pieces in your wardrobe to create outfits for any occasion with ease.

It’s about changing your approach to getting dressed, and through that, changing the way you feel about yourself.

Who Can Benefit From Taking the DIY Closet Course?

The DIY Closet Course is for anyone looking to step up their personal style. It’s about building confidence, finding balance and building a wardrobe that reflects your personal style and works for your life.

The course is for women ready to reclaim their work, life and self balance:

  • Young Women

    Who are starting their careers and need a polished wardrobe

  • Multi-Tasking Moms

    Who are so focused on others that they dress themselves for convenience, not style

  • Busy Professionals

    Who need versatile style that takes them from work to play with ease

  • Women Who Work From Home

    And get absorbed with work so quickly, they forget about their style

  • Mid-Lifers

    Who want to look stylish and on-trend, but also age-appropriate

  • Empty Nesters

    Who are ready to focus on themselves again with a style refresher

What You Get

The Style School DIY Closet Course gives you the tools you need to connect the dots of your style and create a balanced life filled with instant outfits:

  • Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

Style School 2016 DIY Closet Course capsule wardrobe shopping list

A hearty shopping list jam-packed with 90 days’ worth of staples, activewear, accessories and more to get you through every season of the year. (Valued at $150)

  • 90 Days of Seasonless Outfit Ideas

A new, seasonless outfit suggestion, curated from the items in your capsule wardrobe shopping list, delivered right to your email inbox every day for 90 days.

  • Supportive Facebook Group

Style School DIY Closet Course Supportive Facebook Group

Share tips, tricks, pics and ideas – and maybe win a free gift card! – while making friends, getting feedback and showing support for others taking the course in our private Facebook group.

The Style School DIY Closet Course gives you the tools and the support you need to create your own stylish, balanced seasonless wardrobe filled with clothes that feel personal and beautiful, with countless options to mix and match.

Over the 90 days of the course, you will also learn exactly what Kathleen teaches her clients: timeless tips that make getting ready stress-free and fun again– and you will see for yourself how a great capsule wardrobe can make you feel like a style pro!

Plus 3 Bonus Videos:

Video #1: Be Balanced

Be Balanced Video

Mind + Body + Skin & Style: Discover how reinventing yourself is about much more than just clothes.

Video #2: Closet Mastery

Purge, Organize and Pair: Find out how to clear the clutter, arrange things to make dressing easy and put together instant outfits.

Video #3: Shopping 101

Shop Smarter: Learn how to shop your closet, take notes on what you need and plan a successful shopping trip in-store or online.

The Advice is Kathleen’s. The Choices Are Yours.

  • You Pick the Pieces

    The 90-day seasonless shopping list includes several shoppable links per outfit. You choose the pieces you like best!

  • Shop Any Store or Brand

    Have a favorite store you don’t see on the list? Use the suggested outfits as a guide at the store of your choice!

  • You Decide the Budget

    Shop from your own closet as much (or as little) as you like, only adding what you want.

By taking the DIY Closet Course, you can end the shop-return-shop again cycle once and for all, and your days of having too many clothes but nothing to wear are over. You will be able to apply Kathleen’s guidance on shopping and creating outfits for the rest of your life.

The practical tips, tricks and recommendations she will share were developed over countless hours with many clients one-on-one. Now the same knowledge and experience she shared with them can be yours, and you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.

About Kathleen Watson, Creator of the Style School DIY Closet Course

Kathleen Watson

I’m Kathleen Watson, a Personal Style Coach and Entrepreneur from the Midwest who helps busy, bogged down women find balance.

The purpose of my 16+ years as a coach is to bring practical, personal style to women by combining Mind + Body + Skin & Style.

As a business-owning mom-on-the-go, I have helped hundreds of women (and a few men!) bring a fresh outlook to an out-of-balance, not-so-stylish life. I’ve spent years carefully crafting coaching programs to help women of all shapes and sizes find their personal style and feel comfortable expressing themselves through fashion and self-care.

Through my business, Style School KC, I offer programs that provide personal styling services in-home and in-store in the Kansas City metro area, and online to women across the country.

I help my clients connect the dots and find solutions for their personal style, and my end goal is to help each woman I work with evolve to a balanced, stylish, dream version of themselves. My vision for helping women feel great has led to many wonderful connections and friendships.

I’ve built the DIY Closet Course to share my secrets while giving you the roadmap to craft a wardrobe and life you love. The 3 bonus videos take you straight through my coaching sessions, showing you exactly what I teach my clients in person.

By taking the DIY Closet Course, you can end the shop-return-shop again cycle once and for all, and your days of having too many clothes but nothing to wear will be over. My guidance on shopping and creating outfits is advice you can apply to your wardrobe for the rest of your life. You’ll truly get all of my practical solutions, directions and advice, plus peace of mind in your closet.

I’ve put my all into this program and would love to have you join!

What Kathleen’s Clients Say

…It brought some much needed confidence back for me.”

“Thank you so so so much!!! I could never have done that alone. Ever!!

“In a short span of 3 hours you not only styled my closet with some amazing clothes and outfits, but brought some much needed confidence back for me. Literally brings tears to my eyes. I can’t even tell you the last time I actually had fun shopping. It had just become so discouraging.

“It’s just amazing. Thank you so much again, it was so much fun!”

Melissa, MO

“… Many women wish they had just half the style smarts that you do…”

“I love my new clothes! I think you are an amazing person and that you have a fantastic gift. I know many women wish they had just half the style smarts that you do.

“When you pair that with your beautiful attitude about life it makes for a really fun person to be around. I sincerely appreciate all the time and energy you put into helping me. And I LOVE MY NEW CLOTHES!!

“Thank you for showing me the way!! I do feel great! My husband, Barry loves the brown jacket and the red skirt!”

Kim, KS

“This is exactly the change that I needed to see in myself.”

“I had a wonderful time yesterday! Thank you for working with me (tears and all) and helping me see the enhanced, younger side of me.

“I am excited to think of new ways to work with my closet and to take your suggestions in others areas of my life. This is exactly the change that I need to see in myself as I become more reflective and self-loving.

“I am excited to continue to work with you and your team.”

Jennifer, MO

The cost for the 90-day Style School DIY Closet Course including the bonus videos is just $149
and you can try it RISK-FREE:

You will receive the Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List and the first 5 outfit suggestions immediately when you sign up.

If you try it and decide it’s not for you, you can request a full refund anytime through January 1, 2017. After January 1, no refunds will be available.

Kathleen’s goal is to make working with a personal stylist affordable for anyone who wants to reinvent themselves. This course packages everything she offers for hundreds less than what she normally charges so she can help as many women as possible!


What are the key dates and deadlines for the Style School DIY Closet Course?

Here is the Style School DIY Closet Course program schedule:

  • December 1 – Registration opens: You will receive the capsule wardrobe shopping list and the first 5 suggested outfit combinations immediately when you sign up.
  • December 16 – Registration closes
  • December 26 – January 2 – Shopping Week
  • December 26 – April 2 – Private Facebook group is active
  • January 1 – Last day to cancel and receive a refund
  • January 2 – Remaining outfit ideas and bonus personal style videos published
  • January 2 – April 2 – Daily outfit idea emails sent

We encourage everyone to sign up no later than December 16, 2016 and take the course live with us. It’s more fun that way!

What happens during Shopping Week?

Shopping Week is the first week that the private Facebook group is open, and we’ll share all kinds of holiday savings tips! From online discount codes to who’s hosting the best after-holiday sales, we’ll help you use your gift cards and holiday cash to get the most bang for your buck when you’re shopping from your printable shopping list.

When will I receive the daily outfit ideas?

The outfit ideas will be emailed at 7pm ET each day from January 2, 2017 until April 2, 2017.

You will have access to the first 5 outfit ideas, the shopping list and recommended items list right after signing up.

When will I be able to view the bonus personal style videos?

The bonus videos will be available starting January 2nd, and you will have access to them forever!

What does "seasonless" mean exactly?

“Seasonless” means that most pieces in this capsule can be used during any season of the year– depending on what they’re paired with, they can be worn in warm and cool weather.

The daily outfit examples show you how to achieve this and the tips tell you how to adjust the outfits for different climates or times of the year.

Are these all casual outfits or will I be able to wear them to work?

The DIY Closet Course capsule wardrobe includes seasonless casual, business casual, night-out, and activewear pieces plus accessories. Every piece in the shopping list has been hand-selected to work with the other items on the list.

You are encouraged to mix-and-match and dress-up or dress-down each look. These are outfit suggestions– make them your own and have fun by switching up the outfits based on your day-to-day needs.

Does the shopping list include plus size options?

Yes, plus size options are included for all items on the shopping list.

If I try it and it’s not for me, can I get a refund?

Absolutely! You can request a full refund anytime through January 1, 2017, no questions asked. After January 1, no refunds are available.

Where can I learn more about Kathleen Watson and Style School?

Learn more about Kathleen and the services she offers through Style School KC at the links below:


How can I get notified when the next DIY Closet Course launches?

If you registered for the DIY Closet Course, you will receive an email when the next program launches.

If you’re not on the DIY Closet Course mailing list, you can subscribe here.

To join the Style School mailing list, click here.

How can I be sure I always receive your emails?

The best way to ensure you receive our emails is to whitelist our email address,, in your email client. Here are step-by-step instructions for the most common email clients:

Apple iPhone / iPad
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Tap the sender’s name in the From line.
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Microsoft Outlook 2013
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Tap to open the email.
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I still have questions. What should I do?

Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Join the fun next time enrollment opens and style your closet with the Style School DIY Closet Course!

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