Stylegistix gives you everything you need to succeed

It’s the recipe for growth and all of the ingredients to create an online style program– just add your style advice!

You get:

  • The Program

    The core elements you need to create an experience your clients will love and repeat with each new fashion season– all you have to do is add your style recommendations!

  • The Platform

    The website sales page, eCommerce technology and members-only online community to sell and run your program– all set up for  you!

  • Client Support

    We handle all client support and tech support requests, so if your clients need help using the site or a password reset, we’ll take care of it for you.

  • Cross-Promotion

    Alison will promote your program to her 10,000+ current and former clients, so you’ll get exposure to a large audience of style program lovers who can take your program.

  • Monthly Payment & On-Demand Reporting

    Get paid on the 1st of each month via Paypal, and view your sales/generate reports anytime 24/7 by logging into your account.

  • Expert Guidance

    Get insider advice from a 6-figure style blogger on how to design and run your program, so you do this right and are primed for success from Day One.

It’s like a Style Business-in-a-Box!

About the Program

The Stylegistix program is the same format and formula Alison uses in her highly successful online style program The GYPO Style Challenge. Over 10,000 women worldwide have participated in The GYPO Style Challenge and the number grows each season.

In The GYPO Style Challenge, clients get the following:

  • Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

    A printable list of the classic pieces and on-trend updates they need for a basic wardrobe, with links to pieces they can buy.

  • An Outfit Idea Emailed Daily

    Suggested combinations of the pieces on the shopping list emailed to them to make getting dressed every day a no-brainer.

  • Facebook Group Advice & Support

    In the group, they swap tips, share ideas, make new friends and get feedback from Alison and others taking the same challenge.

Your capsule wardrobe can include as many or as few pieces as you would like, and can focus on whatever style and audience you want.

The GYPO Style Challenge  includes 21 days of suggested outfit combinations. Your program can provide more than that or less– it’s entirely up to you.

About the Platform

The Stylegistix platform is the platform used for The GYPO Style Challenge. The platform automates everything from purchase to order confirmation to new account creation to content delivery, so NO manual work is required once it’s set up! It all just happens, and it all works seamlessly:

  • Client Signs Up

    and pays through our eCommerce software

  • Account Is Created

    automatically after payment is processed

  • Client Gets Access

    an email with login info is sent automatically

Because the content has all been loaded ahead of time, when the client logs in, the information is already there waiting for them, so they essentially get instant access! The only part of the program not handled by the platform is the Facebook group– Alison’s clients are manually added to the Facebook group set up for that particular challenge after they sign up.

For your program, you will decide how much information is viewable and when, and how often emails go out to your clients. It’s all up to you.

Your program will also appear in the challenges list on the members’ site, where all previous clients can see your challenge and sign up to take it if they are interested!

Stylegistix really is the total package:

  • The Program

    tried, tested, revised, refined and proven successful

  • The Platform

    designed for great user experience and easy administration

  • The Advice

    that will help you avoid mistakes and optimize your results

  • The Support

    your clients need to use the site and work your program

  • An Audience

    hungry for style advice that already loves the program

It’s everything you need to create an online style program that sells.